Sue Sue
Hi y'all....
Looking for a cover for our 177se to protect it from the sun, rain, wind, pollen and sap...all the good tings that come with living in GA.....would love a big carport, but don't have space.
We need to be able to open and close the door without removing the cover.
I saw a suggestion for an RPod cover, but the door doesn't seem to line up.
Open to suggestions, please!!  [smile]
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I will be following this post!  We just bought a 177SE and am wanting a cover by winter for the trailer and wheels.  Good luck!
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There are several Manufacturers that have model that will fit..sorta " Universal".You have to look at the configuration of the opening.. I did find one to fit my 2016 177SE but decided against it and here's why.

Since the cover will not be a "Custom Fit", it will have a lot of "Slop" in the material.
Now just visualize the slop flopping around in wind.You may not notice it but upon closer inspection after removing the cover after storage and You will quickly see the damages on once beautiful paint job.

Wash and wax it regularly and in the long run You be happier.

Now should Whitewater/Riverside decide to have custom fit covers with a soft linings made for their units I would use.

I called the company a year ago and suggested this.

They would make a killing and have a lot more happy Customers
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