Greetings All from Ontario, Canada !

I wanted to pose a quick question here to the Group, if I may ?

My Wife and I just purchased a very slightly used Riverside Retro 195 travel trailer, which we are extremely Happy Campers with it !!!

I gave it a nice soapy bath and a cool water rinse this morning before the heat here gets almost unbearable today, hence my question.

While I was rinsing it off I noticed on the right rear window, the kitchen, right front by the dinette, and the left front dinette windows that there are 2 small rectangular holes in the tops of all these aluminum window frames, and 2 similar rectangular holes in the bottoms of each window frame. Each of these 4 windows seems to have a removeable type plastic plug inserted into only one of the top rectangular holes in the top of each frame. I strongly suspect that these square frame holes are for allowing moisture drainage, and to allow some air exchange around the window frame itself.

Here is my question.....should all of the 16 holes in these 4 windows have black plastic plugs, or have a few just blown away while trailering perhaps ? It would seem to me that the top 2 holes in each window frame would allow rain water to just run right in with no plugs installed ? Does anyone here known if Riverside intentionally leave 3 plugs out of each window frame for some purpose ?

If anyone has there trailer readily available, could you kindly take a quick look and see what small black plugs might be installed on your Riverside's window frames please, and thanks if you could just post a quick reply ? Thanks in Advance,   Jim Oke.
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@66pontiacguy - Jim, we're in our 3rd year with our 195 and I never really took notice of those little holes ... the 4 you see in this pix, two at top, two at bottom, yes?
Are they for drainage? Do they help hold and secure the window frame? I honestly have no idea. But apparently, having the black plastic clips, plugs or whatever they are only in the top looks normal. So, from our experience, seems you can rest easy about that.
~ Linda & Bill
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looks like window can be mounted in either direction slide left to open or right to open. The open hole are always mounted on bottom. This  way the condensation  can drain off the interior glass.GBA!!SVJ
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Tim S
Agree with Joe, All of mine are plugged at the top and open at the bottom. 2015 166.
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