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I bypassed the duck tape and went to Velcro using towels.  LOL. 20180504_144757.jpg  20180504_144359.jpg 
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I bought some red and white gingham curtains to put up but haven't gotten around to it yet. I thought I might use some sort of adjustable pressure rod, like those used in cupboards and the refrigerator and put them inside the wood that tops the windows. I am getting tired of getting dressed and undressed in the dark.
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Thanks for all the ideas everyone.  I plan to make or purchase curtains for our 177SE soon.  I am thinking about backing them with blackout material to keep out light (and for privacy as I feel quite confident the mini blinds don't allow for privacy and we bump into them every time we brush past them so I don't feel confident they will hold up). I have sewn many of the draperies in our home (nothing fancy).  I like the pinking shears idea for the blackout fabric.  Perhaps sewing the  curtains, cutting the blackout fabric to size and using clips to hang them to a tension  or some other type of rod?  I would like to be able to open the curtains to each side when privacy is not a concern.   Has anyone done this?  How about cellular shades which provide privacy and insulation?    I assume they would need to be custom ordered.  But they would be easily opened and closed.  Not sure how much they would get bumped though.  And would likely be pricey?  Any thoughts on these ideas?
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I made curtain rods out of inexpensive "cafe-rod" brackets from Walmart, and some 7/16" - 1/2" wooden dowels. I wanted something simple that somewhat matched the trailer and I did not like the ugly gaudy (and and sometimes heavy) metal curtain rods commonly found in most stores. The curtain rod brackets were easy to install, I just drilled pilot holes in the wood covering the blinds, then screwed the brackets on. If you do this, make sure to measure so you don't place the brackets farther apart than the length of the dowel (oops). The brackets in Walmart only come in antique bronze, brass, and steel color. I found the antique bronze the least offensive of the three, I could have painted them first but I have other things in my trailer this color so I didn't mind. Walmart also carries wooden dowels in the crafts section. This project cost me less than $20 total for all five windows.
Eventually I plan on crocheting my own curtains with tacky vintage colors to keep up with the 50s/60s throwback look. I use Reflectix insulation in between the blinds and the windows on really cold nights. It is very lightweight and easy to cut to the right sizes, and easy to remove and stash out of the way when not needed. You can find Reflectix at any Home Depot. Here's the manufacturer website:
Good luck, I hope this helps. Happy Trails!
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