We got the lift kit installed for our 2015 177 Retro.  Obviously there is  room for a taller tire BUT as it is I cannot get a finger in between the inside of the wheel well and the sidewall of our 205/75 R14 tires.  I am told a 215/75 R14 will also be a little bit wider.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Has anyone else successfully had larger tires installed, what were they and did you have to do any modifications?
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What was your tire and rim size before; or, is the 205/75 R14 the original?
Did you change rims or are they the originals?  
Note that rims have "offset", the relative position of the hub to the centerline of the tire. 

Yes, a 215 is 10 mm (about 0.4 inches) wider than a 205.  
If you want a taller tire, same width, you want a 205/80 R14.  
There are calculators on line that will give you actual dimensions.  
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The stock wheels (at least on my 177SE) are Dexstar 017-114-xx. Size 14x5.5JJ, 5-4.5 bolt pattern, and +0.5 offset (the center of the wheel is 1/2" inside of the hub).

The only way to get more room would be to find a wheel with more negative offset, which would place the tires further out. I know there are wheels of the same size available with 0 offset, which would give you 1/2" more side clearance. But, they're not the type which accept the baby moon hubcaps, if that's important to you.

Dexstar does make some 15" wheels with the same +0.5 offset and bolt pattern, their p/n 017-117-xx. You would need new hubcaps for the larger wheels, but it would allow you to use a 205/75R15 tire, which has the same width as your current 205/75R14 ones. You'd need to paint them, if you wanted them to match color. The wheels are .5" wider, so you'd lose about .25" clearance at the rim - probably no change to actual tire clearance (tires are wider than the rims). So you'd pick up about an inch in diameter while keeping about your current side clearance.

I think these are 0 offset, and are available in a 15", so you get a larger wheel and a bit more clearance. They may fit the retro look, and might look good with the center painted and the rim left white, for a fake whitewall effect. You'd need hubcaps to fit:
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