anyone know what the bolt pattern and wheel offset is on the 195 Retro?
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best thing is go to tire store and let them check. Been looking at changing from 13 to 14 tires and answer change from store to store. GBA!!SVJ
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Tire store is definitely easier but you can measure them pretty simply, here's the bolt pattern  Offset measurement available at tire rack site too.  Retro 155, not 195: I didn't worry about offset when I upsized my wheels, seemed like there was plenty of space both inner and outer within the wheel well.  You'd need to judge that yourself.  With a 3.5" lift kit, no problems going from 13" rim 175 width tire to 15" rim 205 width tire for me.  I think I remember that my bolt pattern was 5x4.5, but don't quote me on that.  Your mileage may vary.  Was able to find the right pattern in black steel traditional style rims on etrailer, I like the baby moons.  🙂
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