hi fellow campers,
anyone tried "wet & forget" for mildew issues on roof or sides ?
mark & deborah - charleston, sc


mark & deb > Charleston, SC > 177se
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Brandon Sailor
Never heard of it, are you having mildew issues on the exterior? We're in Charleston too! 
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I used it on my shingled roof on our home. Not impressed. At all. 
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I have used it on my concrete driveways from time to time.  It gets rid of the black spots/stains I get in my concrete from mold/mildew sometimes.  Seems to take months to work.

WARNING - Unsure if it would work on the RV roof but I wouldn't try it.  Our roofs are a thin sheet of rubber material and expensive to replace.

I'd use a product for rubber RV roofs.  Here is what I use and it costs less then Wet and Forget.

I apply it with a soft car-wash pole brush and rinse it off.  Do this twice a year, before I store it in the winter, and then again in the spring as I pull it out for the next season.
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