I come to you to find out if anyone of you at an Everchill refrigerator from Way Interglogal . What are your experiences and have you had problems with this product? Here is our experience!

Bad luck happened to us when we arrived at the campsite, all the contents of our refrigerator were taken out of the refrigerator and this was the second time this happened during this trip.

     IMG_20200621_143803.jpg  IMG_20200621_143756.jpg

As a result of this incident, We took more luck and we used two elastics with hooks (Bungee) to keep the bar firmly closed.IMG_20200621_213753.jpgIMG_20200621_213740.jpg 
In addition, during the trip, the refrigerator stopped operating for no apparent reason. The compressor simply refused to restart. We checked the fuses, the tension, and everything seemed to be fine. We had no choice but to end our summer vacation and go home for lack of solutions. 

The refrigerator was not full and the air could circulate inside. We were used to a 3 ft Cu refrigerator. from T @ B we normally travel with only what is necessary.


Good news for us! Riverside RV authorized the repair of the door lock last week, and became aware of the problem with the cooling of our refrigerator, and have worked with my dealer to resolve this problem as well.

Did they offer me to send a new refrigerator to the dealer or directly to me?

Great news ! Riverside RV was able to stop the trailer that was on its way to the dealership in Quebec, and returned to load our refrigerator. It will arrive by the beginning of next week and we will put our new refrigerator in it.

I know there are many people who sometimes criticize Riverside RV's customer service and warranty, but be sure it wouldn't be Forest River and its affiliates or Thor Indus. who would have acted this way and so quickly so that we could get back on the road and profoter of a vacation?

Thank you very much RiverSide RV !!!!
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