When I turn on the water pump, it automatically drains the battery (down about 1/4).  My question for you is.....Should I leave the red switch ON if I know we will use the toilet and wash hands in the next few hours?

Or, should we turn the red pump switch on and off each time we use water.

Also, how long should the pump noise last?

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I haven't measured the power draw, but the pump should only use power when it's running. The pressure sensor that turns the pump on and off has an electromagnetic relay that uses a small current to energize the relay. It should be a negligible amount of current.  I'm going to try the "replenishing the air pocket" procedure (Riverside RV manual, Pg 40) to see if it affects the pump cycling.

Having said that, we only turn the pump on when we intend to use the water because I'm always worried about the battery running down. My plan is to add a second house battery, a solar panel and cabling and selector switch to allow the battery(s) to charge from the tow vehicle while driving. 

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smorhrmann, you battery shouldn't drain with that amount of draw. There is a problem if your battery can't keep a charge or isn't handling a small amperage pull. For your other question, yes I only turn my pump on when I wash my hands, do dishes, or take a shower - then I turn it off. The pump maintains decent pressure and doesn't run on and off if accidentally leave it on. 

Have you opened your access panel to see if your pump is getting hot when it runs? Is it excessively loud? If it is getting hot, it may be ready to freeze up. If it runs on and off constantly when you aren't opening a tap, then you have an air leak somewhere and the pump can't maintain pressure and keeps re-priming itself.
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