After 4 trips with our 2018 177SE, we were camping at an airshow with water hookups, and discovered a small water leak from the kitchen sink fixture.  We put a big pot under it, and it would leak about 4 ounces per day  When we got home, I still couldn't see where it was coming from.  The local RV place said the manufacturer uses crimp-on clamps on the two water hoses, and after a year they sometimes leak.  He suggested replacing with normal screw hose clamps.  So we did the following:
1.  Shut off water and water pump.
2.  Run hot & cold to release pressure.
3.  Remove both water lines from faucet (by hand).
4.  Remove faucet fixture (by hand)..
5.  Grind off one side of each crimp clamp with dremel tool & cutoff wheel.
6.  Remove hose fittings, inspect ends, cut off 1/4" to 3/8" from each end.
7.  Re-install fittings with good screw clamps.
8.  Turn on water source, check for leaks, re-assemble.

Interesting thing to note:  When removing the fittings I found they were a loose, sloppy fit.  Normally hose barbs are a tight fit, and you have to press pretty hard to press them into the hose.  On our Retro, they were very loose.  That's why a stronger screw clamp should have been used in the first place.
Here's a photo, the old cutoff clamp is on the left, the new one is on the right.
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Seems like a good preventitive tip.Thanks for posting.
Please buy Made in USA
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^What that in mind, I run water into the tank and then use the pump. 
If you're going to use the hookup, consider a pressure regulator. 
They're like $10 and fit on the hose.  
Google rv pressure reducer. 
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Thanks for the post. Good to know. Like Tom, we've used a pressure regulator. Maybe that's prevented any issue. Maybe we lucked out on clamps. But good to have the refit steps on the forum for when/if the need arises!
~ Linda & Bill
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I should add that I do use a pressure regulator, followed by a filter.  After my little leak problem, I made up a pressure gauge fitting so I can see just how much pressure the faucet supplies, and I will also be able to verify that my $14 Camco regulator actually regulates.  Where I had my leak problem, I was at a gigantic airshow campground with maybe a couple thousand campers with water hookup.  I suspect they have to crank the pressure pretty high to get enough flow so everyone can shower.
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I just added worm type clamps next to the existing crimp type clamps after mine started leaking. It's been a while and I haven't had any more leaks.
2015 177
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we had a leak on sink it turned out that the hot water connection rubber seal had cracked. Lucky my wife found the drip before it did any damage.
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