Hey all I figured I would share a trick I learned back when we had our first RV... I wanted to make a few items "stick" without damaging the RV and/or using an adhesive such as double sided tape... With the tape yes it can be removed with a hair dryer/ heat gun but that is just a PITA IMHO... So I spent some time researching, and found this stuffs...
Duck brand makes it too they just call it poster putty... This stuff holds very well!!! In fact, in our new Retro Jr I have it holding a toaster oven and a 0.7 cu ft. microwave, onto the small shelf in the "kitchen" area... And it has held great for over 2 weeks even in cooler temps... And yes I have been towing it as I always like to get used to a new trailer before I head out on a long haul, just to see how it handles... So I hope this helps others, as I really hate putting unneeded holes in my RV.

BTW I forgot to add that it is also holding our Coleman stove in place as we purchased the model without the sink/stove combo for the extra storage below the outside kitchen...
2018 Retro Jr. 509 Platinum/Black
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