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Tom wrote:
^^Nice work!^^ 
Post a pic if you've got one.  
Would love to see the stain match on the plywood.  
That's going to be one my next chores.

I added photos to my earlier post to show finish to the AC replacement. I had to use a few products to match the stain. Sounds weird but I used a mixture of "honey maple" polyU based stain and a few drops of acrylic craft paint in 2 colors, one a deep honey mustard brownish color and the other a pale gray-beige. I took a piece of trim from the AC surround in the trailer to get a close match. Once it dried I ended up applying a light wash of darker transparent to bring out the grain. Then sealed it with clear glaze in semi-gloss. All paints were water based. It is really really close as a color match now but it took some tinkering. I decided to paint the stars in the corners and add upholstery nails to dude it up a little. We have such a snug fit on this piece that it is not really attached to the wall but fitted on top of the existing finishing trim. I can pop it on and off by sliding it up from the top. I may end up using some wire brads/ trim nails to attach more permanently if it doesn't stay on well enough when we are moving but it's pretty snug. By the way, the stars are the color of the acrylic paint used as the color base without any thinning with the polyU in honey maple.
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Nice work on the trim.  Color looks spot on.  Mine did not match but meh, whatever.

I recognize that GE unit, mine has the same control panel.  Seems a good bit quieter than the original as well.  

Well done!

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