We are currently towing a 155xl ( 1800 lbs) with a 2015 two wheel drive Grand Cherokee. It's rated to pull about 7000 lbs. We would like to move up to something in the 3000 lb range, but we don't want to end up crawling up mountain grades. Anyone here pulling that weight with a Grand Cherokee ?
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I cannot speak to the GC Diesel, which has different torque &ct vs gas. We have a gas Jeep GC with 5.7 V-8 4WD rated to pull 7200 lbs; paired with a new 195, which is 3925 lb dry per Riverside specs.
To date, we've have had the rig out twice for trips of ~120 miles. Some hills and grades — nothing I'd call "mountain".
Our experience thus far: the Jeep feels VERY secure on all roads including crusing highway/turnpikes. As expected, on long and steeper grades, the engine does bear down a bit more, but the temp gauge never really moved and our MPH towing was similar to what we get in brake-tapping daily suburban stop-light and mall area traffic ~12mpg. On longer grades on the PA TP, going 65-70 MPH — the Hemi was willing, but felt like it was working harder than I liked. At 55-60, probably a better, safer tow speed anyhow overall, things felt good.
(( As I type our gas V-8 MPG, makes me regret (once again) I could not find any diesel GC — used or new — in any color or trim in the months we were shopping for our vehicle. Congrats to you!))
~ Linda & Bill
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