We have a 2015 model 177, I’d like to get a spare light bulb for the taillight. Does anyone know what bulb that is?

Also, the red lens cover on the taillight seems to be secured with two white push-in clips on the sides. I tried to get the cover off, but didn't, because I was concerned about breaking the clips. Does anyone have a tip on how to remove that lens?


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Gently, push one of the white clips in with a key or similar while pulling on the red cover.  
Yes, gently is the operative word as you don't want to break the clip.
If I remember correctly, the lights are just regular 2 filament tail light bulbs available anywhere.
I don't remember if they're twist in (1157 style) or push in (3157 style).
Mine were corroded and I used a shot of Deoxit to clean up the contacts.   
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Alabama Jim
Thanks for asking the question Artracer and  great information Tom.  We will all need to change a light bulb in the future.
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