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At it again...

This all started with wanting to dim the interior LED lights, very harsh at night and turning them off individually was annoying.
Install the switch/dimmer combo above the panel, easy to find in the dark.
The dimmer works great although not down to nil, only about 15% above off.

The old switch location was now an empty hole in the panel, can't have that.
The hole was filled in with the right size lamp to indicate if the outdoor light was on.
Bought a lamp to fit and although it had a clear lens, the LED was red.
I modified it to become a white LED.

The switches make more sense to me for both interior and exterior lighting.
I also decided to make the water pump switch blue so I don't need glasses to find it. See photos.

PS - Still need glasses for the awning switch, should be horizontal so that pushing the end closest to the door would extend the awning & vice-versa; my 2¢.
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I like that light dimmer..  Where did you get the switch/dimmer..
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4 Bentley
Dimmer on amazon:
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Interesting idea with the dimmer.  I also find the LED lights way too bright.  I went out and found a few small table lamps that I secured to various positions in the trailer that provide a much better muted light, and just have attached switches.  No holes required!  Works for us, but to each their own.  I still love hearing other's ideas about cool improvements.
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