Badger McAdams
The wife and I are looking at a Retro Trailer (189R) for purchase probably next Spring. We have walked thru two different models, the 177 and the 180. One thing I noticed was that the sink and shower enclosure are made of either plastic or some poly material that when pushed on feels rather flexible.

Now I can maybe understand the shower wall enclosure being of that material as all it really is going to have brushing against it, is Owner, Water, and a scrubby or washcloth for soap application...Unless of course you are a ninja and bathe wearing your weapons or decide it would be nice to give that porcupine that wandered into your camp a bath. But mostly, nothing sharp that may puncture the wall and allow water intrusion behind the shower.

Now the kitchen sink (didn't look at the small hand sink)  I think might be another matter. As you will be doing dishes and such in the kitchen sink, are these sinks designed to be strong enough to stand up to an accidental knife poke or dropped fork? 

Do you those of you who have these trailers have problems with the above? Do (or did) you replace the sink with a "real" sink? 

The other interior things (vinyl strips that cover the joints bubbling up, etc) can be repaired/replaced/re-done relatively cheap. But water intrusion behind the shower or between the sink and sink holder can be a bit more expensive to deal with...

One of those questions that pops up at the end of a long week wishing I was camping and not at work.
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Alabama Jim
After 2 and 1/2 years, we have had no problems with leakage or damage to the sinks or shower.  Our 195 has been a great travel trailer.
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Ralph L Staub
The first thing we did was replace the sink. Not because it was flimsy, but because the double sink bowls were too small to fit a dish or pot. We went to a single bowl sink.
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Andrew J Doukas
I have not had any problems with the sink or shower enclosure. But I am careful not to place any hot pans or lids on the sink, as I believe it would mar it. You could replace it, but the extra weight is a tradeoff. A little weight here and there adds up, defeating the purpose of a lightweight trailer. 
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