IMG_20180901_200918.jpg Just to let 176s owners know where their Control board for the slide-out is.  Mine is located under the shelf under the sink. 
Got into a campsite got level and was told there was a ant problem so I grabbed the ant spray and sprayed around my stabilizers and tires. Then when I  hit the switch to let the slide out nothing no motor sound or nothing. I looked up trouble shooting from those on FB the pamphlet said go to your control board...What I don't know where it is or if I even have one. Then someone said theirs is under the stove I looked but nothing then went under the sink and there it was. I apparently knocked off a wire when I got the ant spray. Plugged the wire in and all was fixed. Be nice if Retro had where the control board is in there little pamphlet they give you. It is well hidden. 
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Alabama Jim
I am glad the fix was that simple.  Good information for others to learn.  Thank you for sharing.
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