How important is it to buy your trailer locally? We are considering getting a 189R from our closest dealer which is three hours away but he doesn't have any in stock and would have to order one. It would be a 2018 at a higher price. This dealer has a good service reputation. A dealer in in neighboring state has one in stock but I wouldn't want to travel 10 hours to have it serviced. Are trailer service centers like car mechanics where you can just find a good one nearby rather than taking it to the dealer? How about fixing issues under warranty? Thanks for helping out a newbie.
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Considering that you might be out on a trip and need service, and I've heard that they give you the closest service provider to you in those cases, I'm going to extrapolate that you can get service anywhere the company has an agreement. I believe that does not hold for any extra equipment that you buy. For example, we put on a power jack at the dealer we purchased from and I'm guessing we'd have to go back there for any problems with the jack. We bought ours 4 hours from home so not convenient. 
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Alabama Jim
I think you are right.  If the power jack goes bad your dealer would have to notify the company that manufactured the power jack.
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Ralph L Staub
My dealer belongs to a nationwide service network. Need help 1000 miles from home? There's someone there. I'd look for a dealer with similar arrangements. Of course, no one will turn down cold hard cash to service your RV. These alliances are primarily for warranty service. Purchasing from dealer A does not mean dealer B won't service you. Some will tell you they only service what they sell. It's a lie to rope you in. That said, I'd never buy OR service at a dishonest dealer like that.
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I had a bad experience.  Bought in FL - traveled to New England - needed repairs under warranty.  Scheduled an appointment with closest dealer (one and only for Whitewater) and had to wait over a week.  Dropped it off - called a week later - was told they handled new customers first, current customers second and non-direct customers last.  It could be a month or two or three before they could look at it.
This was a small dealer in NH - with in my opinion a bad customer service attitude.
Went to a non-Whitewater dealer and they took it right away and handled it as they would an insurance claim.  I paid them - then I collected from Whitewater, who was accommodating.
Wherever you go make sure you know their policy and ask when it will be looked at.
This was probably an exception.  I traveled for five years in a 5th wheel and never encountered the problem before.  

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