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Hi Mary,

We we just purchased our 2nd trailer, went from a 2015 177 to a 2019 189R. There have been many upgrades an improvements through the years. Also, Riverside stands behind their product. We left the factory two days ago, due to a leak in our 177. Riverside made all the repairs and then some, but we feel in love with the 189R and bought it next door at an independent dealer. Riverside is a small manufacturer and all of their trailers are made by hand, no automated machines. There will always be some small issues, but you will have that in every brand of trailer. Good luck with the decision.
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I have a 177SE. Love it, but it weighs almost 3000 lbs and the axle is rated to 3600 blaze 
we replaced the 14” tires w 15” higher rated trailor tires and bought a 5200 lb axle.Ithas better brakes as well. Cost: about $1300 w three tires. Pulls and rides much better. 
A local trailor mechanic did this for us. 
Motors in Motion Inc, 2800 Cleveland Hwy, Gainesville, GA 30506*82 (678) 450-0006
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Thanks for sharing that information!  We have a 2018 181b, similar in size/weight to your 177SE with the same 3600lb rated axle, and of course have worries about overloading. We are careful, but I think I am often towing with more than 3600lbs. At least one other forum member has upgraded his axle, but I am curious if anyone has experienced problems with an actual failure from an overloaded trailer. If someone has, please share the experience!
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