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A simple Boost power supply does not operate in constant current mode, connecting it to a battery would likely push it into current limit for long periods and burn it up. Conversely, a constant current supply would overvoltage the battery once it reached full charge.

There are a number of things that you need to look for in the power supply;
1. It should be independently adjustable for constant current/constant voltage  (CC/CV)
2. It should be able to handle input voltages up to at least 16 volts.
3. You need to provide a path for the heat it dissipates.
4. Many of them are rated in watts, that is usually spec'd at the maximum output voltage. A 500 watt unit would provide maybe 10 amps at 50 volts and 10 amps at 15volt, NOT 33 amps.
5. Some units are rated in amperes, both input amps and output amps. In boost mode, input amps will be higher than output so you need to keep within both ratings.
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Well, it looks like Renogy may have been reading our posts on this topic.  They are now marketing a unit that does everything we are looking for.  It takes 9 to 16 volts from the tow vehicle and provides a constant current charge with the appropriate voltage limit for a selection of battery types including Lithium Iron.  It's available in 3 sizes; 20amp, 40amp, and 60amp.  Amazon sells them for $117, $164, and $260.
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Sounds like solar tech has really advanced. Nevada is leader in solar and geothermal power generation. i still use gen to much work for me to do with solar. Old School. GBA!!SVJ 
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