Mike Small
It seems all we hear these days are complaints about poor customer service, shoddy workmanship and manufactures that won't stand behind their products.  So, I want to take some time, and compliment Riverside on their customer service and for standing behind their product and for the pride they have in it. My wife and I purchased new in August, 2015, a 2016 177SE, still in my opinion one of the coolest TT out there! Over the years we had some issues with the floor (this is the unit with the side a/c)  still not 100% sure this is where the problem came from. The dealer we purchased from is no longer a dealer for Riverside, so I contacted them direct. We were able to arrange taking the camper to Riverside. The customer service we received was outstanding. The repairs were made and hopefully the issue resolved. It's my opinion that they really do care about their customers and have pride in their workmanship and product. The experience reaffirmed my purchase decision and I will enthusiastically recommend their RV's to anyone. The camper's almost 4 years old now and I don't think we have ever been to a gas station where someone has not commented on it. Thanks Riverside for the "cool camper" and keep up the good work! See y'all on the road! Mike
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Mike, thanks for that post. It is always refreshing to hear positive comments about RVs. We are new to Riverside Retros , coming from Casita. According to Fiberglass owners , we have gone to the "dark side", and will return. We really like the Retro and with your encouraging post hope it lasts for a LONG time!

Please buy " Made In USA " if possible!
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We had a similar experience with our new 181B in April.  We hooked it up on a Friday morning to start our maiden voyage, and one of the tail lights was out.  With our Retro dealer 6 hours away in the wrong direction, I called them to find a service center in the direction we were headed.  They wished us luck, since there is no guarantee any random service center would have a spare tail light for our model.  The factory is only two hours from our house.  I got their number, called, and they accommodated us.  They stayed late on a Friday (service stops at 1pm on Fridays).  Danny replaced both tail lights, checked air and torque for all the tires.  Another Danny (plant mgr?) took us on a tour of the factory while we waited.  Factory service above and beyond!!
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