My mom (Retro-Active) thought you might want to hear about our time on the road in our new trailer, a 177se.  She did lots of research on going to Southern California, then East without getting into any fires. She also pored over various sites and maps trying to figure out which route would involve the least amount of hilly terrain, but learned that even the "flattest route" site recommended we go over Pacheco Pass, and the Grapevine, both involving steep grades. We did them both in one day without any issues towing with the Chevy Silverado, which is capable of hauling a lot more weight than she crammed into the trailer.
Since we got a one-year membership with Thousand Trails we did find one campground in California that was kind of on our route, the Soledad Canyon campground in Acton, north of Los Angeles.  
Here I am with the trailer at our campsite, a pull-through with trees and a picnic table. 
Riley 2017 Dec Soledad Canyon, for post no 1.jpg 
riley 2017 Dec Soledad Canyon 2, for post no 1.jpg 
riley 2017 Dec Soledad Canyon 3 for post no 1.jpg 
Mom says the campsite was decent, the showers were hot and bathroom warm even on cold days. 
What I liked was hiking in the wash and sniffing out the smells of the animals that live in the area.
I would say dogs, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and various scurrying creatures have been here before me.
Be aware that hiking in a wash is Not a good idea if there is any cloud in the sky or any chance of rain in the vicinity or in the nearby mountains as a flash flood could result.
If the campground were not located right next to train tracks we would think more highly of this place.
Metrolink passenger trains came through up to 11:35pm at night, and again in the morning around 4:30am or so.
Freight trains of course show up at any hour. Staff were friendly and had the coffee pot on.
riley 2017 Dec taking a break, high desert east on the way to Joshua T.jpg 
Here I am, taking a break from being in the truck as we drive through the high desert of California on our way to Joshua Tree National Park. Though we saw some nice views, and two coyotes in Joshua Tree, it was Friday and late in the day, and we had no luck finding a vacant campsite. Suggestion, if you are going to a "first come, first serve" campground on a Friday, try to get there early in the day. Better yet, show up in the middle of the week.  We ended up in a KOA campground in Desert Hot Springs. Decent, but not the same.
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