When we first got our camper, we went on a 30 day trip down the east coast and it never rained while we were driving so we never noticed until the following year that the camper leaks everytime we drive it in the rain.  

October 2019 We were told by the company (Riverside RV) to bring it to the factory and they would fix it for free.  We had to pay for the gas to get there and for 2 nights in a hotel while they kept the trailer for 2 days.  The company was wonderful and believed they had fixed it and found the source of the leak.  So we put our camper back in covered storage for the winter after Riverside supposedly fixed the source of the leak.

Saturday, April 20, 2019 We went to our covere storage place, went inside the camper and everything looked great!  We picked up our camper and were pleased that it was raining so we could see if the leak was fixed.  We got it home, opened the door and the floors had water all over the place.  I’m sure the water is going into the walls and underneath cabinets and will shortly begin to show signs of damage and may end-up getting mold.  

We are just sick over this!  

The manufacturer has offered to have us bring it back so they can address this.  I’m worried that the water will cause damage to the inside of the walls and under the floors and cabinets!  If it can’t be fixed is there any recourse?
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I feel your pain.  We, too, have experienced leaks in our 199FKS while driving in the rain and snow.  I took the unit to the factory in early March and picked it up in early April. 

Here's the synopsis of what they performed while they had it:

Danny replaced the bulb seal and redid the seal around the exterior of the door. The seal at the license plate holder was broken. Looks like some water got in through the hole there for the wires. The light was also broken. Danny put on a new Light and resealed the holder.

He also sealed the unit at the bottom around the entire perimeter where the floor meets the metal. The slide out was gapping about ½” by the front T-Molding. Danny added screws and resealed the front and the back. Danny believed that water and salt got in there.

We also tightened the entry door latch so it would seal better to the bulb seal. There were air leaks at both sides of the bottom of the entry door. These were caulked at each side of the bottom of the entry door.

Danny replaced both taillights  and caulked around the water heater. There was a hole in the lino under the exit window. This was filled with a seam sealer.

Danny ran a dehumidifier to dry and pull out moisture in the unit. The floor was damp and slightly swollen. Also checked the floor under the bed. Danny sanded the floor and bonded in areas and the floor is solid. The bathroom floor is dry and solid as well.

Danny also covered seams with battens strips vs. the seam tape.


Unfortunately there was no rain on our trip back to Memphis.  We are pulling it to Pensacola in about three weeks and hope to run across some rain to see if the fix is in place.
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hope they took care of all the issues.  Seems like the leaks are on the newer units. I wonder if they had a major changes with personnel? As I have wrote before ours is a 2013 and never had any issues cept for broken outside shower faucet which was my fault. GBA!!SVJ
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Paul D Tripp
My 199FKS had water entering only when traveling in rain.  When set up or stored, it is tight as a drum.  We had monsoon like rains last August and we were happy and dry while camping.
But, pulling her in the rain?  Wet floors!
I spent this past weekend underneath.  Where the Wheel Wells attached to the floor there should have been caulk. Not an once of caulk!  It's basically like a tin bucket riveted to the floor.  I could see between the rivets where the metal was not in contact with the floor and there was no caulk.
I work at a body shop so the fix seemed pretty obvious to us.  We caulked the surround of the wheel wells and then put a spray sealer over.
I will be heading out Friday on our first trip this year, rain is in the forecast.  I will report after our first rain adventure.
Safe travels and Happy camping everyone!
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Hope it worked and stayed dry...
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