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We picked our 177SE up from our dealer which was a 75 mile drive one way. We installed a Curt Weight Distribution Hitch with built-in sway control. With the lift kit, we had some concern on how it would tow, but happy to say it towed beautifully even with the big trucks around, not to mention the 25 mph winds.
Van & Terri
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That looks nice.
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Wow, makes me want to step up to the 177SE from our 155XL.  Looks really nice.

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Tim S
Looks awesome. I got my 166 shortly before the release of the "SE" upgrades. I really like the light wood interior- really has a vintage feel. O well, I'm very happy with my 166.
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Nathan N Jen Cooper
I use an Andersen no sway weight distribution hitch. Though the weight distribution part is attached to my other trailer..

So far my 177se tows like a dream.. we're taking Lil Blu on her third trip this weekend.. none of the trips have been really far yet, but she sure is fun..

Enjoy yours.. they're a blast
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Deena Rounds
Love your interior. I have the 177se in red also.
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