After a short run with our Jeep Wrangler as a tow vehicle for our 155XL, we ended up replacing the Jeep with a 2013 Toyota Tacoma.  The Jeep handled up to a max tow weight of 2000lbs and a max tongue weight of 200lbs.  When weighing the tongue, we found that we were at about 310lbs plus another 47lbs for the weight distributing hitch.  Way over the 200lb max.  With the Toy we should be set.

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Sweet Tacoma! Was there a reason you retired the Jeep outside of the Tow Rating? They increased the 2016+ 2 door wranglers to 350/3500. I'm considering getting a 155xl and I want to be sure there are no safety issues while towing the trailer with a 2 Door wrangler. Did you have the 3.71 gear ratio on that Jeep? I haven't come to terms with replacing the Jeep yet and would love to hear your opinion on its towing capability with that trailer.
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