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You're doing a great job!!  The floor looks super. What type of wood is it?  I look forward to seeing the cabinet. 
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Alabama Jim
Thank you for all the information and pics to go along.  This could become very useful to many of us.
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Hey Glen, the floor is PVC/vinyl plank floor aka fake hardwood laminate (also fake) flooring. (haha).
Got three boxes at Lowes at $5 / box as an end run.  Just luck.
I put down a moisture barrier just like you would with regular laminate floors
because I do not want water going down into the remaining chipboard.  
Because it's PVC it's waterproof and it's got a nice texture so not slippery.
Max will appreciate that.  He likes camper-ing, not slippery floors.  

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Well, getting around to finishing this.
Here's the back end buttoned up.
With a better pic of the under bed drawer.

drawer and floor.jpeg 

And Mrs. Tom's drawer inside.  Cavernous!  

open drawer.jpeg 
And the under bed storage (the "red light district", ya, still haven't changed that)  with the notch out for the drawer.

under bed.jpeg

Just needs a little more tidying up and we'll be rolling again.
Um, as soon as the truck is running.  

One for Rocco, new hypereutectic pistons.  Yeah baby!


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