Wander & Ponder
Anyone have problems with the Frig staying on? Tried to turn it off (no gas and no electric). Even in our driveway just sitting there it's always cold
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Robin C
Not sure how that's possible. You could try turning off the breaker.
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Where in Michigan are you located?

Sorry! Couldn't help myself. [smile]

Not plugged in, gas off at the tank? Right?
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Tim S
Dometic makes a 3-way 2.7, I think Model 254(?) Is it possible that you are running on 12V?
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Alabama Jim
Has anyone else had trouble keeping the light on in the Dometic refrigerator?  If so how did you fix it?  Has anyone replaced the light?
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Probably not the light, but the switch. Try flicking it next time there's an issue to see if that's the case.

(For the future, it's better to create a new topic for a new issue. You'll get better responses and it will make searching easier, which helps other people)
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