We love the look and feel of the birch wood paneling.  Feels like you're in a little cabin, or an old time "canned ham" trailer.  But for some reason Riverside used wood color tape to seal the crack between the panels.  Actually they used nice wood stipping materials many places also.  Some places they use the tape(like the ceiling) made sense given the panels are at angles to one another.

Our issue was with the panels in the back by the queen pedestal bed.  The staples came out and the panels separated, one coming out from the wall.  We took the trailer to our dealer and they re-stapled them and put new wood color tape on. But later the problem re-appeared, and again the dealer fixed the issue.

The 3rd time it happened I fixed it myself using some wood stripping and rivets.  It was always the same area over by the TV cabinet and the thermostat but the wall area between the cabinet and the emergency escape window.


_DWH0961.jpg  _DWH0967.jpg 


Had enough materials left over I did the little one by the sink also...


The wood stipping looks great I think.  Although when the tape was in place I never noticed it so it worked fine also, but after it started pulling away from the panels it really stood out.  And unsure why they stapled the panels instead of rivets?  Cost I guess.  

My plan now is to keep doing this, replacing the tape seams whenever they give me issues.
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There's no birch paneling in any of these. It's just "birch look" vinyl covered lauan. For <$200 in cost, they should have been able to use real (wood) Baltic birch. I'd have been willing to give Riverside a bit more profit if they'e done it right.

Where did you get the stipping? Did you just rip it down from birch (maple?) stock?
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Yeah, I know it's fake but it still "feels" real.  I'm with you, why use fake when real is only a little more.  I guess you could compare it to wood flooring in homes.  Many people seem to goto the fake wood floorings when a real hardwood floor is really not much more in the long run anyway.

Well, I'd like to be able to say that I just hand-milled it in my home shop from a birch tree I cut down from a old growth forest up in Canada while camping there in my Retro.  But, sigh, that would not be factual.

I just had my RV dealer order it for me from Riverside RV.  It's the same stuff they use so it would match correctly.  Took about a month to arrive and was somewhere around $40 as I recall.
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How did you put the stripping on?  I love the look and want to replace mine just because the tape looks bad.

You did s great job!
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Alabama Jim
Very good job.  I am sorry you have the problems with separation, but you did a nice job.  Thank you for sharing.
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dwight.hughes: Wow! I admire your handiwork!  My tape looks okay, but I'm sure a few years of Florida humidity will have it sagging.... It's good to know you can order matching wood stripping from Riverside. Please share some pictures of the process. Thanks!

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I've preserved mine probably because I use a dehumidifier.

I think it will help all around on molds and mildew etc... It might be helping with the tape too.  Not confirmed though.

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Thanks again!!! Very informative and I didn't know the paneling is fake. Fooled us!!!
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