Georgiana Rock
i drained the water from the plumbing lines in my 195 retro. After draining I wanted to start the water flowing again. I turned on the water pump and water started spraying from the valves in front of the hot water tank. Obviously something isn’t right and I need help. Here’s a picture of the set up, what’s wrong.  251105C7-8F0E-4251-89C1-C22808EE010F.jpeg  135BC391-5260-47C9-82B7-57F8C5687F4A.jpeg 
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First, the valves are set wrong. The 2 "horizontal" ones which go to the tank should both be open (only the bottom one is).

Second, exactly where is water coming out? You can try hand tightening the connections to the water heater, all the other ones are Oetiker clamps, which require special tools.

When did you drain the lines? Did you by chance do it last year, not get everything clear of water, and it froze? That could crack one of the plastic fittings or valves, which might then start leaking.
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