Hello everyone my husband and I are new to this whole RV thing.  We just ordered a Retro 199 In black and pewter.  We have not seen many of these and were worried what it would look like since pictures did not do it justice {does not photograph well} we love the retro look and colors but were concerned that at some point we may want to switch colors up inside the trailer.  Our dealer just happened to have this color on the lot in a 176 and it really looked amazing in person.  We ordered ours during the Christmas break so while the company was closed over the holiday we drove ourselves crazy researching everything trying to figure out how we could have a sofa feel in the dining area while keeping the dining area as well.  At first we told our salesman we would just add a couch or futon in that area,skip the dining table....then we changed our minds since we would lose storage and the diner look and feel although we never sit at the table to eat.  Finally we came up with the idea of adding extra cushions and having Riverside make us custom cushions in the gray and white so it would be possible to have a cozy couch type set up and when we need the table to be able to  transform it back again. We also had a concern about the checkered floor because every time we looked at the models the floor was dirty and footprints abound plus we have a dog so for us the cleaning would never stop.  Riverside offers a grayish faux wood flooring we saw in another 199 so we opted for that one and decided to just do black and white checkered rug with some cool retro accents of tea pots, toaster oven, crock pot ect.    I have to say we are nervous to see our new home on wheels because there seem to be none around that have those color features.  wish us luck and we will post pictures when we get it.  Any input and information is helpful I love every ones pics. 
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Blue Lagoon
We are looking at the Riverside Retro too.  I am not crazy about the Checkered Floor either. 

Too bad they do not put in a Vintage Marmoleum look floor that is the same color as the outside accent.  Deep navy for the power blue retro, Deep red for the red, etc.  Would be easier to decorate, that checkboard is a little dizzy looking at it.  Or put a Dark Brown Marmoleum with White Flecks in all of them to go with the Birch.

Good luck with the new trailer!
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Hello! We have a 199 red and pewter with the birch interior and checkered floor. We love it! There is just enough real wood in there to make it smell great. The floors do get dirty, but hey you're camping! I use a swiffler with a bit of mop n glo it works well enough. We bought it last August.

2 things: see if they make yours with the small extra gray tank. This model because of the front kitchen has the kitchen sink draining into the black tank. Not a problem if you're hooked up, but could be if you dry camp. Supposedly they fixed this. Also make sure you're not getting the Coker tires. There's a lot on this on FB. Those are car tires not trailer tires. I hear theyve fixed these 2 issues, but make sure.

I personally love the dining table. I get up earlier than my wife and if it's too cold outside I sit there to enjoy my coffee. Since it's a slide out it's like a little private room. Also if it's rainy it's great. You could set it up as a bed with lots of pillows without actually removing it. Good for resale later.

Lastly their is a white water retro group on Facebook that is very active. I've posted questions and received multiple answers in a day. The members there really help each other out. Best of luck and have fun! The 199 is a great choice! Post pix I'd like to see your colors.
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Alabama Jim
Welcome Dnance to the Retro World.  We love our 195 and hope you enjoy yours.  May God grant you many fun and safe trips.
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