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WayOutWest wrote:
This is our girl, Lil Blue. Our maiden voyage was a short trip to Catalina State Park. What is it with bugs? With all the vegetation from the monsoon there were a zillion grasshoppers everywhere. So we didn't sit outside and look at the stars at night. She told like a champ and I drove home and wasn't London nervous. Pretty sweet since I've never towed before! 20170902_113933-1-918x563.jpg

Hey WayOutWest, I like your rig.
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How did your decal make out over the winter?
Do you still recommend: ??


RuthieD wrote:
Oh thank you. We used From there I just played with the colors, fonts, and effects until I found what I wanted. Then we measured and estimated the size and selected the "ready to install" option on the "purchase" tab. It was very simple to apply...I highly recommend them.
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Thanks for the link, RuthieD. Now if we can just agree on a name .......
~ Linda & Bill
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