I am new to the group and researching the 285fk right now. Was hoping someone could tell me if there is an onboard inverter or not?

also I have seen there is a secret sheet for custom options and was wondering How one finds that....

Thank you in advance!
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Hi and welcome!  

My 2018 Retro 181b did not come with an inverter. I only have 120v when I’m plugged into “shore power”.  There’s room to install an inverter near the battery charger, and maybe a dedicated 120v outlet that only connects to the inverter. If you buy a Retro (highly recommended!) and go that route, please take pictures and share!

The options sheet is tough to get from your dealer! Try entering ‘options sheet’ in the search function and you will get some hits from Tiki2some that link to their option sheet. Some dealers seem to have good communication with the factory and others not so much. Buried in the many threads of this forum are accounts of some very nice factory options. Good luck!
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@stevehayes01 — We posted the list we (finally) obtained from our dealer in this thread (thanks for remembering @Fireblot).
~ Linda & Bill
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