Took my 155 in for a new roof vent and MaxAire install. The tech noticed some very unusual wear on the tires so I had them replace them and pack the bearings as well as do a routine undercarriage inspection. Everything was ok.
But get this when I went to pick it up the shop owner commented on " how old " my tires were. So old in fact that they had to cut them off the wheels. My 155 was made in early 2014. 
All I could figure out was that maybe Riverside was using old stock in 2014. I understand that tires have some type of dating system but mine had already hit the trash 
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my 150 is a 2013 .I bought it in 2015 tires shot cracked to heel dry rot. I did not check the date but replaced them with way better radials best thing to do.I keep my covered while not in use old ower must have left them in direct sun light.Have fun with the 155 I have been looking for info on hy brid (front bed) but no luck.GBA!!SVJ
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