Tim S
Took the 166 north into the Pocono Mountains (Appalachian Chain) last weekend, specifically to Ricketts Glen State Park. This PA park has an extensive trail system, the best and most challenging follows two branches of Kitchen Creek through about 1500' drops until the confluence, aptly named "Waters Meet" with about 25 named waterfalls, the tallest being 94'. A lot of effort for us middle aged/senior folks, but well worth it. It should be on your list of East Coast destinations.
No hook-ups in the two camping areas, but the bathhouses were very good. Ricketts Glen SP is slated to build full hook-up sites, but the timetable is unknown at this point.

So this was our first dry camping experience:
1. Frig on gas- worked great, no problems- gas consumption seemed minimal.
2. Furnace- in the 30s Friday night but we didn't use it. Plenty of blankets, cold noses and hands. Fired it up for the first time ever in the morning and worked like a champ, although I can see why other posts have complained about the cheesy thermostat. If you can be happy with a 5 degree +/- margin of error, I think it will be satisfactory. Our total run time over three days and nights was minimal, as the weather warmed up considerably.
3. Battery- I was very happy with the battery performance. Unplugged from the car Friday afternoon at 4PM, Sunday afternoon, still had 12.53 volts, and went another 24 hrs before hooking up to go home. Frig was on the entire three days, lights, radio as necessary (I have replaced the incandescent bulbs with LEDs) furnace/blower maybe two hours total run time, and about 6-7 hours of TV.
Sites are $19/night. Very nice, well maintained park. Lake Jean is big enough to kayak for a couple days, swimming beach in the summer.

One more thing, the park recommends coming in from the town of Dushore, 17 miles to the north. I planned to do this initially, but after we got a late start, I wanted to get there in time to set up before dark, so I just followed my GPS route. There is a 4 mile stretch of PA 487 going north to the park entrance which was a bit challenging for my Volvo 3.2 I6 engine. I was down to 20 MPH through some of the stretches and my electric radiator fan ran for several minutes after we reached our destination. Also, my break controller crapped out on the way up, so I opted to depart by the northern route, and it added about 1:15 to the trip time home. If you have more favorable power-to-weight ratio, and your brakes are working, the lower route is not that bad.

So, all in all, it was a great trip.
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Alabama Jim
It looks like you had a lot of fun.  Thank you for sharing the message and photos.  "Penns Woods" is a beautiful state.
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Diane Crum
Beautiful. Hope to get out that way someday!
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Very nice!!
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