Greetings All!
I have spent the past week very cheerily lurking around here, soaking up as much information on the Retro's as I can. I'm a long time camper, who is currently without a trailer of her own, and who is feeling the loss very much. My last three have been vintage campers, but I'd like to go on longer trips and my hubs does not like to go with me. My age bracket is getting up there, so I made the decision that going with a newer camper that has the look of the vintage I love is probably the way to go now. I had made up my mind on the Retro 155/166 (model number depending on the model year), but then came across Sunray trailers made by Sunset Park. They are almost exact duplicates of the Retro. So now I am waffling between the two.

Luckily, I wont be in a position to actually buy until next spring, when the Social Security Administration finally gets their rear in gear and awards me the two and a half years of back pay I have been waiting for on my disability claim. I wont start on that part of my life, only to say that our government is more fouled up than I had ever even suspected.

But I wanted to thank all the people who have been so kind in posting here on this forum. Once I get my little pipsqueak, she will be the Belle of the Ball after I mod her up but good using the ideas here! Thank you!

The Duchess
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Alabama Jim
Welcome to the forum.   What ever your decision, may God grant you many fun and safe trips.  We all love our Riverside Retros and would love to have you join us.   Best wishes on your decision.
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Good luck on your search.
We went from a Shasta Deluxe to the Retro 199FKS and have absolutely loved our Retro.
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Lisa Foster Moss
Hi Duchess,
It is hard to decide with so many different options out there. There is a podcast/blog that I listen to that is about "Girl Camping" and doing it alone. The host just bought a Retro this past summer and has some advice and reviews. I thought you might enjoy it. She is also a "Sister on the Fly" (all girl camping club - you may already know this too).
Here's the link regarding the Retro and what she did with it: http://girlcamper.com/?s=retro&submit=Search
Also, here's a link for "Sisters" if you don't already have it: https://www.sistersonthefly.com/
Good Luck!!
Don & Lisa Moss
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Our 189r seems like the perfect trailer and the 2018 has an auto awning which makes it easy to go out and in.  We love the sink by the door and the little coat/shoe closet right there too.  And there's a spot on the kitchen counter for the coffee!  Those little things add up to a seamless experience for us.  We bought ours at Hatfield in Ohio although we live in Maine and Arizona.  Their price was excellent and they were nice to deal with.  Best of luck in your new venture.  I hope you post pics after you get her "moded up".
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I live in Albuquerque and am living in my retro trailer. It has been a good trailer so far. The other trailer you mention looks almost the same. I like some of the lay out better on that one but other features on ours more. 
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