Captn Sharpie

We just purchased a 2014 Retro 177 for $10,500..  We live in Indianapolis.  Our new baby was up in northern Indiana.  Bought it from a gentleman who also owns 29 exotic sports cars.  Our unit was parked between a Shelby Cobra and a Ferrari Spyder.

Anyway this is our very first camper.  My wife and I are both semi-retired.  I am an RN.  She is a school social worker.  We just started thinking about this last month.  Looked at a unit for sale locally, a 16' Shasta in need of a lot of work.  Spent the next Saturday looking at a dealership.  Got a great education there from the salesmen.  We wanted to keep costs down since we had not done this.  We found out that 6-7K do not get you much.  Drove 100 miles to Cincinnati to look at a couple used units there but were disappointed in what we found.  Then I saw an ad in a regional auto/rv "magazine" from the supermarket.  That is where we saw our first Retro and fell in love.  We drove the 110 miles up there, made the deal and went back to pick it up over the next weekend.   

We went on our first excursion the next weekend at a state park in southern Indiana.  Then a couple weeks later to another state park at which my son and our granddaughters camped in a tent on our site.  All went fine despite heavy rain, thunderstorms and a tornado warning.

I also joined two other groups that I ran across first - the Whitewater Retro Forums - http:// and the iRV2 forums - http://
Plan to continue with all three as you can't get too much information.  So some of my posts may be reports.  Looking forward to a life of new adventures.

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Alabama Jim
Welcome to the forum and congratulations.  We really enjoy our 195.  I pray God grants you many safe and enjoyable trips.  Have fun guys.
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