Thanks for allowing me to join! 

I’m buying a half-acre lot in Gainesville, FL to build a small cottage; that will take nine months or maybe more. In the meantime I’m looking for a travel trailer I might live in while it’s being built. 

After it’s built I’m thinking of renting it out as an Airbnb. The idea came after I stayed in a cute trailer that was rented as an Airbnb and I loved it. It was cute. Great for a short stay by myself to San Antonio, where the owner had set it up behind his house. Cutesy vintage trailers are a hit for travelers, esp. younger ones, certainly over big boxy trailers that all look alike and lack charm. I like the old real vintage ones - Airstream of course and Shasta’s etc - but they are pricey and don’t have modern amenities.

1. So I’m asking: does anybody have experience renting theirs out? If so, where do you live and how is it going? 

2. I’m also considering a Gulf Stream Vintage. It’s a largely fiberglass shell, but has many similar aesthetics. Have others comparison-shopped the two brands and why do you think the Retro is better (or worse). Pros and cons? 

Thank you in advance for passing along your knowledge and experience. Happy trails!

Charles Boisseau

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Well, obviously...being as this is a Retro owner forum ... we liked the Retro better.
The Retro decor felt much better visually, and aspects of the materials, fit & finish struck us as better quality.
Had family in CA stay at a vintage trailer park. If that's your target market, IMO the Retro is a "campier" camper. 😁
~ Linda & Bill
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Hi Charles,
One datapoint:  We have camped at Jellystone RV park in Frankenmuth, MI a few times.  Nice place.  They have one Shasta trailer, about 19 ft. long, for rent.  During summer it rents for $147/nite weekends, and $117/nite weekdays.  Note that Frankenmuth is a really touristy place so prices are higher there than some places.  Hotel rooms in Frankenmuth are $200 or so on weekends.  A friend rented the Shasta, and we put our 177SE next to them.  They liked it, and I think the exterior had a great retro look (including fins), but I didn't like the floor plan much, seemed very cramped and not very practical.  Riverside seems to have much better floorplans.
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