Hi everyone,
After having a teardrop camper and enjoying it for several years I decided it was time to get a larger trailer. I looked for a long time and finally decided on the Mt McKinley 158. I picked it up on April 5. The next day I took it to the rainy Oregon coast for the weekend. It was a test drive, tried out everything and enjoyed being able to have a small trailer that felt roomy and cozy at the same time while it rained and rained. I look forward to many happy miles of travel. I also look forward to meeting other retro owners and Mt McKinley owners.
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Alabama Jim
Congratulations on your trailer.  Welcome to the forum and may God Bless You and give you many fun and safe trips.
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Some of our best times camping have been in the rain.  It's really nice to be dry and warm when it's pouring down!
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