Sam and Corinne here from Selah, WA in the upper Yakima valley.
We bought a very sightly used 155 a few months ago and we are basically very happy with it.  It seems to have excellent components and is quality built, except for one problem. We are using the dinette conversion for a bed quite often.  The last time I took it down the board that holds the leg assembly simple fell apart.  Turns out it was attached by cheap glue and some staples.  I had a local wood shop reattach it with a strong glue and some substantial screws.  Should no longer be a problem, but if there are other components that are so cheaply constructed there could be concerns.
Our tow vehicle is a Jeep Cherokee rated at 5000 lb. with a factory installed towing package, and the 155 probably tops out at under 3000 fully loaded.  On a trip to California we had some serious overheating problems.  I guess the Jeep is tired, being 16 years old and with almost 260,000 miles.  So we will invest in a new vehicle soon.
We are looking forward to some fun times with the Retro.
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Hi Sam,
Is your Cherokee the original with the 4.0 litre? Your overheating is probably caused by the transmission that shares the radiator with the engine. Have an auxiliary trans cooler added and a radiator flush and you should be good. Some of those old Cherokee s with the tank back at the firewall did overheat. If you do flush make sure you purge all the air out of the top hose.
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Alabama Jim
Welcome aboard, Sam and Corinne.  Don't forget to share pictures, we all love pictures, trailers, mountains, forests, water, you name it.  May God be with you in your travels and give you many more fun and safe trips.
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T & J in CT.
Saying hello from Judy and Terry from Connecticut, our retro 175 has been out three times now and we love it.
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Welcome to the Retro world! 
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