My wife and I have been camping all over New England since we met in college 15 years ago.  We have been tent and hut campers (you should consider a night in a AMC Hut if you have never done it) during this time.  Many of our favorite places provide great access to Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range as well as many of the more "touristy" areas of North Conway and Lincoln.

In this post, I will discuss our top two campgrounds, that also accommodate travel trailers. Both also happen to be our favorites:

Crawford Notch Campground - Harts Location New Hampshire


Moose Brook State Park

When we married in 2004 we spent our honeymoon doing a mix of car/tent camping and bookend the week with a stay at two separate bed and breakfasts. During this trip we fell in love with Crawford Notch Campground.  Crawford Notch is situated on the banks of the Saco River.  This place is awesome with beautiful views of mountains, hiking trails along the river, clean bathroom facilities, and close proximity to all sorts of fun activities.  We love the place and go back often, now with our three children.  One of the reasons we choose the 181B was because its size would permit us to stay at some of the same sites we have always used.  Now, some of the best sites at Crawford Notch are their more "primitive" sites that are several hundred feet from where you would park.  They have carts to bring your stuff in.  They are great sites that allow you to feel as though you are truly out in the woods.  I will attach a photo from our site last summer.  We will continue to go to Crawford Notch as we can get our trailer to similar locations to the photo I have attached.

Another favorite campground of our is Moose Brook State Park in Gorham, NH.  This place is clean, quiet, and perfect for large groups of friends to camp together or for couples, or families on their own.  We love Moose Brook for it's location (It is on the Northeast side of Mt. Washington).  It provides access to different trail heads than we could access from Crawford Notch so we ussualy stay at both, at least once each summer.  We often camp with a group at Moose Brook.  They have two areas, circles, for lack of a better word, that provide a great common area for the kids to run around and play while we can still keep an eye on them.  However, we still have our own campsites to return to when it comes time to go to sleep.  We have noticed small travel trailers in this area at other times when we have reserved sites away from the "circles".  This was huge for us, as we recognized we wouldn't need to give up our favorite campgrounds if/when we got a travel trailer.  

We are looking forward to the new adventures we will have in the future with our 181B as our home away from home.
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Thank you for sharing these.  We are in VT and like to travel to NH for getaways.  My daughter lives in NH so its a great opportunity to meet up with her as well...

I'll have to add these to our list...
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Those sound like great stops!
Kathleen and I have traveled to many New England campgrounds in our diesel class A and many times we were too big for some of the best campgrounds.

Our new 195 should fit just fine and can't wait to travel with it.

Tom and Kathleen
Seacoast New Hampshire

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