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Hi Guys!

Just got approved to post here. Thanks!

My wife and I are looking at a 177SE. It looks great and the build quality seems higher than anything else we've looked at in this size of unit. I do have a question about the air conditioning though. 

We live in Las Vegas and while we don't expect to be camping in or around Vegas in the summer, pretty much everything reachable in a 500-mile radius of us is going to be pretty hot in the summer. Think upper 80s to upper 90s. Now the air unit on the 177SE is listed at 8k btu. This is significantly lower than the usual 13.5k roof units. I'm worried about getting the camper cool in these high temps. 

The sales woman assures me that due to the great insulation on the 177SE that the air will work fine, but then again, she makes a commission on the sale so she will say whatever she needs to to make the sale (call me cynical). 

What do you all think? Can this air con unit keep my camper cool with temps in the 90s?

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2017's are coming with rooftop units (or maybe it's an option, Riverside isn't very good at such specifics), so they should be able to you get one with a bigger A/C:
But, it's been in the upper 80's here the past few days, and the 8K wall mounted one has been fine, even on Low Cool with the camper in the sun.
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Brian & Kathy
Welcome innocent bystander. We have a new 177se with the roof a.c. In the manual based on the fig. 3 picture it is a 13,500 or 15,000 b.t.u.. It is hard to find model # the insides look to be all the same. Also the smallest b.t.u is 11,000 in manual. The other day it was in the high 80's with high humidity here in upstate NY I ran a.c. For about 3 hours, it worked fine but Loud. We traded in our t12 ddst flag staff A-frame for this camper. We love the 177se. If you have any A-frame with a.c., noise is comparable. Brian.
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If you live in Las Vegas, you're probably buying from Johnny Walker. I can't say enough good things about them. They really go all out to make sure you are educated and know what you're doing before you hit the road. They really care. I bought a 177se from them and it originally came with a frigidaire 8,000 btu window unit in the side. After a couple a trips out it finally got warm enough to try it out. It didn't work at all. Johnny walker replaced it with a Danby 8,000 btu. It doesn't cool it off as well as I would like so I think I'm going to have them install a roof unit over the summer and I'll just have 2 units in there. I guess a backup so to speak. Other than that we love it so far! I pull it with a Toyota Tacoma. Hope that helps. Enjoy!
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We bought our Aqua/White 177 SE from Johnnie Walker in June. Love it. Ours has the roof mount AC and it does a great job in the Vegas heat. I think the 177 comes with the 11000 btu unit. We've been in Pahrump in July and have run the AC here at home in the driveway in 100 + temps with no problems. BTW, Johnnie Walker is great for service also. Have been using them for years.
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The roof mount works great in Florida.
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