As a Florida resident, I take a little bit of home with me when I travel. My Retro 166 is tiny but perfect for me, unfortunately a recent widow.

I added the shelf over the bed for more storage and dry erase board to the front of the fridge. I even had the 20-inch-wide stove vent narrowed to 15 inches wide (no more banging my head when I brush my teeth). Also, added a mini-wall between the sink and bed.

I hate the harsh overhead lights and I'm scheming some plan to cover and soften them. 

My next decor plan is exterior 'glam'....
The Beach House Babe from Jacksonville FL
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Weasel Bookmite
Cozy as all getup babe, and I like to colors too
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Alabama Jim
Good job.  Enjoy and have lots of safe fun trips.
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So cute!
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I love it! Seeing what you have done is so freeing to make our new 189R “our own”! Condolences to you on the death of your husband, but may your “beach house” be a great place to both grieve and move forward! 
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Tim S
You did good! With everything!
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