Just completed our third short weekend trip in our new 177SE.  Been personalizing it / modifying some things over the last month.  Getting ready for our longer summer trips and Ohio State tailgating this fall!  Interior DIY items included drapes made by my wife, added an OSU shower curtain, replaced interior ceiling lights with fixtures, installed a digital thermostat, installed an aluminum backsplash, and custom-fit cutting board.  Exterior mods included removing all decals, painting the vent and outlet to match the sides, adding a chrome porch light and chrome bezels around all of the lights, installing a wireless observation camera, replacing the white propane cover, and installing a lockable battery box.  

Nothing left to do now but enjoy the Retro and answer all the questions we get from onlookers!

image3a.jpeg  image4a.jpeg  image2 copy.jpeg  image1 copy.jpeg  image5a.jpeg  image1a.jpeg  image2a.jpeg  image6.jpeg  image1.jpeg  image2.jpeg  image3.jpeg  image4.jpeg  image5.jpeg
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Alabama Jim
I could not get the photos to open, but am glad you are having fun.
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Ditto to Jim's comment RE:loading. Would like to see what you've done. Maybe place the pix inline, instead of as links?
As for questions and comments ... no kidding!
I've read posters here talking about comments, but had no idea! Our first trip out a few weeks back, we spent time chatting with a ranger checking into a state park ... talked with the tent campers across the campground drive about his parents old Shasta ... had a truck driver come over at a rest stop while we were eating lunch on the way home to ask if it was a restoration, and then he spent a good 5 minutes giving it a good look over in the parking lot before heading back to his rig ... and a guy who honked at us, rolled down his window and quizzed us while stopped at a red light before we reached home.
~ Linda & Bill
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