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Yes - good to know - thanks!!![thumb]
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jackgomez wrote:
I have no problem communicating with riverside via email, and you are correct, they will not send you a lift kit directly, only to your dealer. when I expressed my displeasure with my local dealer here in California, riverside gave me the phone number to Cross RV (260) 463-8100, next door to the riverside factory. if you call them,, them will run next door to the factory, pick up the lift kit and ship it to you. have not done it yet. hope this helpful.

We had the same response, and Kay from Cross RV was fantastic!  She got us the lift kit for the Lippert axle, a replacement tongue jack crank...and I'd randomly asked for a few of the "blue" screws - one had gone missing.

Paid via cc over the phone and she drove over there the next day.  We had the items a few days later.
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Tom wrote:
Now ^that^ is useful info!!!
Thanks Jack!

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Right?!  Tom, that method really does work well, and I can give you Kay's phone and email address if that will help?

Also, in my email correspondence with Riverside, they indicated that a ST205/75R14 is the largest tire that will fit on the stock wheels.  We didn't want to have to replace those as well, since the Maxxis tires we decided on are a little pricey.  Riverside won't tell you you can go to 15" with the lift kit, but I've seen owners on other forums who have done so.
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