Good morning all,

Was there anyone in the group who had some problems with the roof antenna installed on the Riverside RV trailers? On my trailer it is a Magnadyne Rvtv-W2 antenna with a W2-W2S connection which seems to be a signal booster but I do not receive as much on television as on radio and this even if I am close to a big city (about 25 miles).

WS-W2S Antenna Distribution Wall Plate

Omni-Directional Antenna and Distribution Plates

Omni-Directional Amplified AM/FM TV Antenna


Function/Spec List :

  • Designed for RV and marine use
  • HDTV (ATSC) compliant
  • No aiming or adjusting is required
  • Single coax connector for TV signal
  • Single Motorola connector for radio signal
  • Aerodynamic housing with high-impact, weatherproof and UV protected materials
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
  • Dimension 12" dome width 8" dome with base height
  • AM: 520-1710K, FM: 87.5-108MHz, VHF: 47-230MHz, UHF: 470-862MHz, DAB: 174-230MHz
  • AM gain: 6 dB
  • Maximum output level: 104dB
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Power supply: DC 12V

Do you have any solutions to give me?

I checked and undid the connections inside the WS-W2S plate and put back in the right place (Cable and ANT) and I tightened with a wrench, checked the voltage (12 volts). There is only on the roof that I did not go.
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Hi Teardrop,
That may be the same as I have on our 177SE.  When I went to use ours, I pressed the little button, and the small red light did not light.  So I removed the plate, and saw that one of the small wires to the control board was loose.  I wound up rewiring it with better connectors (it used those unreliable blue inline crimp splices).  While doing that, I added two SAE connectors to provide 12 vdc to a TV as well.  Also, maybe the coax connectors are not connected properly.  Here's a photo of what mine look like:

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Thank you!!! I tried with the light on (normally should be for the antenna signal). If the light is off it is for the outside socket if I rely on the instructions of the instruction sheet provided with the trailer.

Its this may that I'm not well understood the operations instructions too, but its would surprise me a lot lolllll
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I get no channels with this antenna. I checked all I can on the inside and all is good. The only thing left is the connections in the ceiling. Any Idea how to get to these? or how to get the antenna apart? It looks exactly like the picture above and does not screw on like the msgs instructions.
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Have you connected another antenna to the external Type F connector (with the button "out" and the red light off), to see if the TV can scan and find stations?  I'm not real sure the photo of an antenna above is same as mine.  I see a white coax cable with a male connector which plugs into the little circuit board behind the plate. It just goes up to the ceiling and into the antenna base.  However, I'd think it pretty unlikely that the antenna is actually defective.  I'm surrounded by trees at home and I can't get reception from 20 miles away.  But near a big city in flat open terrain I get lots of stations.  It is just not a high performance antenna at all.
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Thanks, yes another antenna works and the tv gets stations. I would replace the existing antenna but worth about the roof and can't get to it from inside the trailer. you would think it would work better than a $10.00 inside antenna with no booster.
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We, on our side, simply abandoned the project. We will bet on a Chromecast and an Android TV tuner and later if necessary a WIFI ranger booster. As this we will have more flexibility and choice according to our needs. Even simpler installed a smart TV in the trailer with a hot spot
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