I have a 199FK.  A friend of mine owns a large Class A motor home.  He recommended I purchase a Hughes AutoFormer ($375) to protect my electrical equipment from very low or very high voltage fluctuations which he says are common at RV parks especially during the summer time.  The Hughes equipment is capable of managing incoming voltage into the proper range preventing damage to the RV's electrical equipment (AC, refrigerator etc.)

Is anyone in the Retro world routinely using something like this or even a surge protector for that matter?
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Alabama Jim
I do not have one, but I have seen a lot on other forums that recommend having one.  They always remind us to get one that is for surge and voltage.  Some models are for voltage only.
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I don't have that one, but I do have a surge protector that also checks to make sure wiring is correct. And I have a simple plug in voltage monitor. I can view at any time to make sure voltage is reasonable. 
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Took a class last year from Mike Sokol, who has written a book on rv electric and has a web site: Both his class and book are very informative and I recommend them. He recommends what to get and what not to get in voltage checkers.
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I agree that Mike Sokol has invaluable info. I have followed him for a couple years.
Please buy Made in USA
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