Ron Paris
My understanding is that Loadstar tires have replaced the Coker tires that some had problems with due to weight and the fact that they were not ST tires.
Has anyone any information on the size of the Loadstar tires and the weight range they have? I assume these are radial tires but would certainly like to learn more about them.
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My loadstars were st175/80-13 load range D on a retro 155. Lasted two years before blowing. Bought the trailer used so don't know how they were treated in the past but they were correctly inflated, underloaded and under 60 mph when it blew.
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V & T
Our dealer called the Coker Tires (may pops). I noticed the newer tires are not Coker's anymore. We put Goodyear Marathons on our 177SE.
Van & Terri
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