Catching up on sharing some of the improvements (to our taste, anyhow) we've been up to in our Retro.
Thanks to @Dave who first mentioned an RV light he found on Amazon - which we installed in both front and back in our 195. It's from Dream Lighting on Amazon. Price is $18.
We put in the one in front first, thinking both might be too much. But once that was in, we went ahead an ordered a second for the bedroom area.
The light on the table (what shows up as a white cylinder), Linda also located on Amazon, a TaoTronics rechargeable lamp. A nice touch, for those of us (Bill!) who get bothered by overhead light 100% of the time. It gives a nice, adjustable soft light that's very usable ... although if we were both working crosswords for example, it's not quite enough. Thinking we'll get another, and put them each of the front corners. Sort of like end table lamps.
And here's the ceiling light in the "bedroom"...
~ Linda & Bill
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Looks good!  Very comfortable looking.
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Linda and Bill, have you got any ideas what to do with those LED reading lights over the bed? We covered them with painter's tape, and they're still too bright to use. (and even more ugly now!) 

I really like the looks of your round light shades, although I'd want aqua or turquoise for my atomic/boomerang/50s theme! I wonder if spray paint would work.... 


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LoriB wrote:

Linda and Bill, have you got any ideas what to do with those LED reading lights over the bed? We covered them with painter's tape, and they're still too bright to use. (and even more ugly now!) 

Well, no .. and yes. Been struggling with the same glarey-light issue. I did pop off one of the "boob" light's cover: yes they do come off, even though it felt like I was going to break it. My first thought was to find a soft/warm light LED replacement. But I couldn't locate same-same LED "bulb"unit, so swapping out kind of dropped of the radar. But maybe I need to search harder. Now, do I have thoughts? Yes, I do. Would they work? I really don't know ... but maybe others can (ready for the groaner?) "shed some light" on this ...
a) open lamp and put a piece of vellum/parchment paper inside to diffuse the light, would look better than painer's tape, anyhow;
b) put tape over individual diodes to knock back the light (they don't produce heat ... fells like it would be safe?);
c) chip off some of the diodes to reduce the wattage/lumens ... but I don't know much about the physics of LED's - that may ruin the bulb for all I know.
Anyone else have insights to add?

~ Linda & Bill
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Ralph L Staub
I have had some minor successes with the lighting in my 199fks. None cost more than $30. The lighting from the LEDs is harsh, but when its reflected off of an object like the counter, wall or table, it’s actually really good. Its the Direct light, straight from bulb to eye that is so uncomfortable. If you can block the light from your eyes and let shine only on the objects you wish to see, it becomes a much more pleasant atmosphere.

A lampshade from a $10 Ikea lamp placed over existing fixture. Sold the lamp at the yard sale with no shade for $4.

Found a funky road sign at the antique shop. Keeps the light on the counter and out of my eyes.

found this cabinet door in the Ikea scratch and dent section. Mounted it 1 1/2” off the ceiling and wrapped some multicolor LED tape in the center. Makes a nice night light, great when you just need to see where you are going without burning out your retinas
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Hey Ralph is the on off switch  on the fixture or a wall switch. I ran a wire to a small fixture with 4w bulb . So we can use either the large LED unit or small incid unit which is way eaiser on the eyes. GBA!!SVJ
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Ralph L Staub
Hi Joe, Actually, the LED tapes are remote controlled. I still had to run a wire across the ceiling 2 ft to get to the AC outlet behind the TV, but covered that with a strip of wood grain contact paper. I could likely have fished 12V from a nearby factory light fixture and had it go on and of with the master switch, but we leave it on when we’re out for the webcam. The webcam let’s me check on the dog and cat, and the temp in the trailer. Were something to happen with the AC, they would fry in the summer.B7BAF97C-53A5-4C4F-9A03-3494F463BA7A.jpeg 
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We are considering these as replacement for the too-bright over-bed lights in the 177SE:


I would consider moving these more into the back corners (would need to find a way to cover the existing holes):


There are many choices here:

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Before replacing light, decide if you are only trying to dim down or just want a different light...
If you just want to dim down, perhaps add a film over the cover or inside the cover rather than an expense of replacing and not having the ability to have them bright when you want. 
Another idea is to use velcro to attach a cover that could easily be removed. 

Just a couple ideas. Hope that helps. 
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I used small embroidery hoops and fabric to fasten a “lampshade”, which I attached with double sided tape.
2017 177SE Seafoam
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