We just purchased a really clean 2015 155XL... they said it was only used 3 times, which wouldn't surprise me since there was virtually no wear and tear.  But- the kitchen countertop lifted from moisture.  We were told by the dealer that it's not uncommon, and that she probably just forgot to put one of the moisture control things in during winter (Portland, OR area).  They are doing their best to repair it, and we can always replace it if the outcome isn't good.  Has anyone had any moisture issues?  Now I'm really hoping there aren't any bigger issues.  Yikes!
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we have a 2013 150 same interior never had  any trouble. We live in rain and snow area (not as bad as Portland ) hope it works out for you. GBA!!SVJ
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I don't recall hearing that issue come up here on the forum. SO not sure how "common" it is. But if they do a good repair, may not be a worry.
~ Linda & Bill
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