How do you keep everything in place in the upper cabinets in the kitchen area?

Using bins to hold everything is not efficient.  I have wine glasses, spices, water, beer glasses, plates, bowls etc.  

I was thinking about installing a plexiglass panel that slides in a rail, that would definitely keep things in place.  

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I use the bars that one can use in the refrigerator to keep things from falling out. First I put a small blanket up against the items, then the bars. We've also installed a hook under the cabinet and use a small bungee cord to keep the cabinet closed during travel.
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I use a rubbery type of contact paper. Nothing moves. We have a 199 so my cabinets are under the sink. Maybe due to lower center of gravity and the Rubbery covering nothing shifts. I was surprised actually after the first trip.
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I use small cardboard boxes for the top half shelf. Actually they have stayed in place but if they didn't, not a problem.
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