Jim Walker
A3A947FF-42BA-49A1-9A0D-F7B9799F4400.JPG  Alright! Registered Travel Trailer in California today. Then took a 70 mile round trip test run on the freeway to Mojave, CA towing with Jeep Wrangler. It performed and towed spectacularly. Both trailer and Jeep handled gusty winds and big rigs creating a vacuum as they passed. Kept speeds between 55-59 mph. This rig is ready for another road trip or camping weekend. Just needs a transmission cooling unit added to protect overheating of transmission. An inexpensive addition that will save transmission from failure. Picture taken on a side street in a Mojave, CA.
Jim and Melanie’s 2014 Retro 155
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Awesome setup! Looks familiar [smile] Hello from TexasIMG_20170414_191456.jpg 
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same color as ours but I like black window frames ours are white. We love mojave and Red Rock State park when down that far. We are from Reno. GBA!!!SVJ
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